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scarsofthesoul's Journal

7 March 1980
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[x] Your Name: Jett
[x] Your Age: 30
[x] AIM Screenname: Masartham
[x] YIM Screenname (if applicable): Nanami_Tendo
[x] Email: mangacide@gmail.com
[x] Source (where you heard about shiva_dancing): Currently involved >D
[x] Other Characters Played (if applicable): Aerith, Schala, Rachel

[x] Character: Claire "Lightning" Farron
[x] Character Journal: scarsofthesoul
[x] Character Age: 21
[x] Game of Origin: Final Fantasy XIII
[x] Current Residence/Starting Point (see the map):
[x] Point in Canon: Post Game (whee >D)
[x] Sexuality: Straight
[x] Marital Status: Single
[x] Affiliation: N/A
[x] Junction (see THIS post): Odin

[x] Background Information: Lightning lost her parents when she was around Hope's age, and ever since then, has acted as a mother to her younger sister, Serah. She entered the Guardian Corps Bodhum Security Regiment as a sergeant under Sergeant Major Amodar, but seemed to be losing sight of her goals. Then while attending the Bodhum fireworks, Lightning learned of a Pulse-related incident being kept under wraps which Amodar warned her not to get involved in. The next day, her birthday, Lightning learne her sister became an l'Cie and thought she was lying so that she could marry Snow, a man that Lightning was blatantly unfond of. It was only after driving her sister off that Lightning learne the truth as Bodhum was placed under lockdown for Purging. Serah became trapped in the Pulse fal'Cie, after which Lightning resigned from Guardian Corps to make her way onto the train holding those waiting to be Purged from Cocoon in a plan to save her sister.

Fighting the guards on the train, Lightning hurries to save her sister, but, seeing her in the state she was in, she briefly considers killing her "out of love". Moments later though Serah woke up. When Snow arrived with Vanille and Hope, saying he wanted to take Serah home, Lightning told him she would take Serah as Snow faild to protect her as he said he would. Serah told Lightning to save Cocoon, and her l'Cie mark crystallized. Lighting took Serah's crystallization hard and attacked Snow out of anger and frustration, after learning that he was still going to marry her sister. Driven by grief and vowing to destroy the fal'Cie Anima to honor her promise to Serah, Lightning also became an l'Cie.

After finding Serah Lightning regrettably accepted her sister's fate. She then learned that PSICOM was searching for Purge survivors. Vanille asked Lightning if Serah told her what her Focus was, and Lightning lied, telling her no. Escaping Lake Bresha with an airship and ending up at the Vile Peaks area, Lightning went on ahead of the group, which was still being tracked. When they stop to rest though, Lightning tells Hope that she became part of the Purge in order to save Serah. A while after the group is reunited, Lightning resolved to go to Cocoon's capital of Eden and destroy its fal'Cie, refusing to die as a fal'Cie tool. She accepts that they next time they meet, Snow may be her enemy. On the way, Odin attacks Hope, and he and Lighting battle it to prove their strength to the Eidolon.

Lightning told Hope that she would lead in battle and he should back her up. But Hope asks to lead instead, and she reluctantly agrees giving him the knife Serah gave to her as a birthday present as a good luck charm. Lightning and Hope discovered some unconscious PSICOM soliders. Hope tries to examine them but Lightning pulls him to the ground. She tells Hope not to be careless, and suggests that he think of it as a survival plan.

In Palumpolum, Lightning and Hope traveled through tunnels leading underground, trying to evade PSICOM soldiers. Hope said that he thought the fal'Cie might view humans as pets living off of them, and this made Lighting realize that she may have been a pawn of the fal'Cie long before becoming an l'Cie. After that, she told Hope to abandon his survival plan, because she couldn't think clearly anymore. But this was just a way to avoid reality and the guild she felt over getting him involved. After they are attacked and Hope refuses to leave her for his own safety, Lightning entrusts him to Snow's care, leaving with Fang. They reunited with the others later, and Hope returned her knife to her, saying his plan didn't work out, after which Lighting agrees to look after him.

They nearly invoked Ragnarok, and were almost turned into Cie'th. However, Lightning and the others changed theirr Focus at the last moment, and because of this, were permitted to live as humans. Since that time however, Lightning, who is a fighter at heart, has grown quite bored with her new sedentary lifestyle. She'd decided she wants more. There are many many other places that she's never been to, and so she wants to see them, and experience new things. (Maybe she even secretly wants to meet new people too.) It's with this ideal in mind that she's left her home to explore new horrizons and experience the larger world.

Some ability info:

She has a military-issue gravity control device called a Gravity Bomb, activated by small imprints on her right thumb and index finger, which allows her to perform feats normally impossible, including attacking while upside down in the air and landing safely from leaps otherwise impossible to survive. She can also create an "electrical shield".

She has rather high physical and magical attack. And as a Ravager she is quite utilitarian, able to use all four elemental "-strike" attacks, all elemental magic to the "-Ra" rank, as well as casting Thundaga. Lightning's Ravager skill, Army of One, is a series of strikes from Lightning's weapon. She fights in a very fast-paced manner, moving with great speed. Her Eidolon is Odin; upon its transformation into Gestalt Mode, Odin becomes the horse Sleipnir which Lightning rides on while wielding two massive swords.

Lightning's initial weapon is a gun-sword called the Blazefire Saber (Blaze Edge in Japanese version). Gun-swords are a weapon only used by the most skilled soldiers., They come in a number of models:

* Flamberge (Magnum Blaze)
* Axel Blade
* Enkindler (Ignite Blade)
* Edged Carbine (Saber Carbine)
* Razor Carbine (Slash Carbine)
* Lifesaber
* Peacemaker
* Gladius
* Helter-Skelter
* Ogrenix
* Apocalypse
* Hauteclaire
* Durandal
* Lionheart
* Ultima Weapon
* Omega Weapon

[x] Personality: Lightning's personality is determined, concentrated, independent, and cunning. Lightning has a straight forward persona with a lone wolf attitude,She can also be easy to annoy, and sometimes even quick to fight. However, Lightning is not completely heartless; and she cares deeply for her sister. It could just be that her cold exterior is a front to keep all but the most determined and trustworthy of people at bay.